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Viral Video Of A Woman Nursing A Cat In Flight Has An Incredible Story Behind It

December 26, 2021 3:00 PM EST Viral Video Of A Woman Nursing A Cat In Flight Has An Incredible Story Behind It The Internet – A virality video of a young woman breastfeeding a cat on a plane accumulates millions of views on the the Internet, but is it just pulling the fur over people’s […]

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Private hospitals will be labeled to be breastfeeding friendly

A new initiative will now help mothers identify breastfeeding-friendly hospitals before giving birth. The Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India (BPNI), in collaboration with the Association of Healthcare Providers of India (AHPI), which comprises more than 12,000 private hospitals, has launched an accreditation program that will enable hospitals to obtain a label “breastfeeding friendly”. This program […]

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The Ministry of Health publishes a book on breastfeeding

The National Breastfeeding Coordinating Unit within the Directorate of Women’s Health has developed a book on nursing entitled “Breastfeeding and Beyond: A Guide to Infant and Child Feeding”. the child”, which will be distributed free of charge to pregnant women in the antenatal clinics of public health establishments. The national representative of the Pan American […]

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Recently updated lactation room, a labor of love for the Ventura YCF staff –

The Ventura Youth Correctional Facility (VYCF) unveiled a new, updated lactation room last month. Federal, state, and local laws stipulate the provision of a lactation room; however, it was a labor of love for Cynthia Brown, VYCF Youth Administrator and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Coordinator, to ensure staff have access to a space designed with […]

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Breastfeed for Democracy

Young mothers in Norway are automatically assigned to a “breastfeeding support group” with other mothers of different ages. The state organizes this, but the groups are led by the mothers themselves. They call this support system “Ammehjelpen”. Groups like these are a cross section of society and last a lifetime. The women, from different social […]

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Return of the lactation room, rejection of the Alden world capital, Herbster sign in the dumpster

(Originally published December 9, 2021) Let’s do some math. If a single mother with three children works full time at Nebraska minimum wage – $9/hour – her annual earnings are $18,720. That puts her thousands of dollars below the federal poverty level for a family of four. Raise the Wage Nebraska wants to change that […]

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Nurse researcher receives NIH grant to help women manage breastfeeding pain

Health experts agree that breastfeeding leads to optimal health for infants and their mothers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breastfed infants are less likely to suffer from childhood illnesses like croup or diarrhea; asthma; obesity; and type 1 diabetes, among other problems. Breastfeeding can also reduce a mother’s risk of being […]

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Breastfeeding tips for mothers with diabetes

Some pregnant women may develop high blood sugar during the latter part of pregnancy, even if they did not have the disease earlier. This is called gestational diabetes. It is very important to control blood sugar levels in these patients because people with gestational diabetes are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in […]

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Nursing cat | Eyewitness News

(WTVO) – A woman on a Delta Airlines flight reportedly began nursing her cat during the flight and refused to stop when confronted by crew. According to Newsweekthe incident happened on a flight from Syracuse, New York to Atlanta, Georgia. A now viral post on social media shows a screenshot of an ACARS (Aircraft Communications […]