Breastfeeding seminars

A breastfeeding support center is now open in Eatontown

EATONTOWN, NJ – A brand new breastfeeding center is now open in Anne Vogel wellness center next to Monmouth Shopping Center in Eatontown.

The center offers individual lactation consultations, breastfeeding support groups and education programs.

The Anne Vogel wellness center open in July, and it is located at 200 Wyckoff Road in Eatontown, next to Boscov’s at Monmouth Mall. It is run by Monmouth Medical Center.

They will have a qualified nurse (RN) on staff, as well as board-certified lactation consultants to help mothers overcome breastfeeding challenges. Additionally, the center offers private prenatal appointments (before the baby is born) and information on how to order a breast pump from insurance. To register or make an appointment or to learn more about the Breastfeeding Wellness Center, call 862-781-3873. To learn more:

Through one-on-one visits and group breastfeeding information sessions, here are the issues they can help new moms with:

  • Positioning or locking the infant
  • Foods weighted to determine milk transfer
  • Feeding Strategies to Promote Successful Lactation
  • Establish good milk production
  • Manage nipple pain
  • An oral assessment to identify a possible language connection is also provided.

They will also cater to infants with poor or slow weight gain, producing too much or too little milk, breastfeeding prematurely and/or multiple infants, learning to pump, transitioning to labour, plan treatment of engorgement, clogged ducts, thrush or mastitis and reestablishment of milk supply.

The center also offers free weekly in-person and virtual support groups. All breastfeeding topics and issues are included in group discussions.

The 2022 opening of the Anne Vogel Center was an initiative by Monmouth Medical Center to reach customers in suburban Eatontown, as parent company RWJBarnabas puts family health services right where consumers live, shop and take their children to school.

That’s why the Anne Vogel Center has expansive gynecology offices, infant and pediatric health offices, a test kitchen featuring Jon Bon Jovi nutrition education programs, and now, a breastfeeding center. An offshoot of the Children’s Specialty Hospital occupies the second floor.