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Ashley Graham shares tandem breastfeeding photo on Insta

On the Friday before Mother’s Day, model Ashley Graham shared a beautifully intimate photo of herself breastfeeding her two twins – Malachi and Roman, born January 7, 2022 – at the same time, with perhaps the best twin mum caption of all time: “Double fisting.” We can’t even contain our joy at seeing those adorable little hands and almost bald baby heads, and our admiration for Graham: Surely, being a mother to 5-month-old twins isn’t easy.

Graham has been open and honest throughout her motherhood journey, starting with her first pregnancy in 2019. She has continued to post tons of updates on social media, being completely transparent about all the changes that have occurred with her first son, Issac, and now her second pregnancy with twins. For example, she posted a photo of her glorious belly in December, saying that her husband, Justin Ervin, compared his stretch marks to the tree of life. You can see them here too, in this half naked picture she shared when she came to term and was looking forward to the arrival of the twins. Since their birth, Graham has posted numerous photos that show the reality of having newborn babies, including a lot of breastfeeding. “My boys have been the greatest teachers and the greatest reminders that I can do the hard things,” she wrote. in an Instagram caption February 10. “It hasn’t been easy, but it’s definitely worth it.”

In late April, Graham continued with the body positivity she’s long been known for, sharing a photo of her postpartum belly on Instagram and showing her body gratitude for helping her give birth to two new babies. “Hi, new belly. We’ve been through a lot. Thank you,” she wrote in the caption. With all this body love, you might be surprised to learn that body image is still a work in progress, even for her. In a November 2021 interview, when she was about seven months pregnant with the twins, Graham told POPSUGAR, “Because our bodies are constantly changing, it’s always going to be that tug and pull of where you are. with your body.” She added, “There’s this constant conversation I have with myself, like, ‘Your body is a vessel. Your body is strong. Your body is made for this.’ And the affirmations never go away.”

The pure love in this most recent photo is almost overwhelming; you can feel the tenderness of the moment (and the backache), as Graham hovers over his sons, with his adoring (and presumably sleepy) eyes. We appreciate Graham sharing the reality and strength of motherhood, and while it’s probably exhausting, this photo shows just how rewarding it is. Happy Mother’s Day to Graham and all parents!

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