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The mission of the lactation promotion subcommittee is to expand access to dedicated lactation rooms wherever employees and students are located, to maintain clean and welcoming rooms for the comfort of breastfeeding parents, and to provide lactation resources to parents new to or returning from campus. of maternity leave.

Currently, there are four lactation spaces available on campus:

  • Cain Room, Room R201A
  • Continuing education pavilion, room 105
  • Joe Crowley Student Union, Room 309B
  • Pennington Medical Education Building Room 208B

Additional lactation spaces are available off campus:

  • Moana Professional Center, 745 W. Moana Lane, Room 310
  • University Health, 6130 Plumas Street, Room 107

Cain Hall

To access the Cain Hall lactation room, please contact Anna Kalminskaia ([email protected]) or Michelle Wilson ([email protected]). Users will then receive an access form to complete and return. Once back in, users will have access to the lactation room calendar in order to reserve time in the room as well as the access code to enter the room. The Cain Hall room is equipped with a Medela Lactina dual pump, microwave and refrigerator. Please bring your own connectors.

Continuing education building

The lactation/quiet room is conveniently located in the lobby on the first floor and available during normal office hours. It contains a microwave and a refrigerator. To access, please contact the Title IX Office at [email protected] to request a key code.

Joe Crowley Student Union

The lactation room is located on the third floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union. It is a space shared with the theater box. Please ask a staff member at the JCSU Administrative Offices on the 4th floor for access to the room or call (775) 784-6505. No equipment is provided in this space.

Pennington Medical Education Building

This room is a nursing/quiet room located behind the duty desk of the Dean’s Office of UNR Med. The room is used on a first-come, first-served basis. The space has a power strip but no fridge.

For more information, contact Melissa Vondrak (775) 784-4604.

Moana Professional Center and University Health

Both rooms are rest/nursing rooms available to staff, students and patients during normal office hours. Rooms are used on a first come, first served basis. The spaces have a power strip and a fridge.

Contact the UNR Med front desk at (775) 784-6063 for more information.

contact us

If you need help finding a lactation space that meets your Needs, please contact the Lactation Promotion Subcommittee at [email protected] There may be additional spaces available that could meet individual needs.