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TWU is a breastfeeding-friendly community committed to providing a comfortable, safe and supportive environment for breastfeeding mothers and parents to express milk and breastfeed infants. Coordinated by CARE, this section contains information on lactation room logistics, educational information, and lactation resources for students, employees, and campus visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Texas code

Since 1995, a mother has had the right to breastfeed her baby wherever she is allowed to be. Texas Health Code Ann. § 165.002.

Since 2015, public employers must adopt a written policy Texas Health Code Ann. § 165.003 et seq.

Federal laws and policies

the Fair Labor Standards Act provides comfortable, private, bathroom-free and reasonable break time.

  • Know your rights: This website has a good summary of how these federal laws apply to nursing mothers
  • Know your rights: U.S. Civil Rights Office Brochure for Nursing College Students

Additional information on legal rights and actions related to breastfeeding:

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