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Call for awareness of mothers on breastfeeding – Journal

QUETTA: Health experts and pediatricians at a seminar on Friday stressed the need to educate mothers about breastfeeding, as breast milk is a complete food for babies, which not only contributes to their healthy growth, but also protects them from different diseases at an early age.

“Newborns should be breastfed within the first hour of birth because colostrum is full of protective components,” Health Secretary Hafiz Mohammad Tahir told a seminar on the benefits of breast milk.

Newborns should not be given any other drink for six months, seminar says

Baluchistan Coordinator for National Program for Women Health Workers Dr Sami Kakar, Child Development Specialist UNICEF Humayun Amiri, Mercy Corps Representative Dr Saeedullah Khan, Director General (Health) Dr Noor Qazi, Officer Quetta District Health Department Dr Noor Bakhsh Bizenjo, Dr Ayesha Sadiqa, Dr Imdad Achakzai, Imran Ali Jatoi and Dr Bushra Bakhat Kasi also spoke at the event, organized here with the collaboration of the National Program for health workers, Unicef ​​and Mercy Corps.

They emphasized the need to breastfeed babies for at least six months for their natural growth and the foundation of their health. Complementary feeding should be initiated as early as six months of age, they said, adding that complementary feeding was also essential for the baby’s proper growth.

The law prevented the presentation and advertising of synthetic formula as a substitute for breast milk, they said. As breast milk keeps babies’ stomachs clean and increases their immunity to disease, they should not be given water or any other drink, such as coffee or tea, for six months, they added.

Babies six months and older should be given an adequate amount of khichdi, seasonal vegetables (carrots, spinach, potatoes, etc.) with chopped rice, rice pudding, boiled mashed potatoes, butter, eggs and bananas, they explained. With the age of the child, the amount of food should also increase, they added.

Posted in Dawn, August 20, 2022