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Caribbean Cement Introduces Workplace Lactation Room as Part of Promoting Diversity and Inclusiveness

The newly completed lactation room, which will allow mothers to express their milk while they are at work. The introduction of the room on August 3 is part of the Caribbean Cement Company’s efforts for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

KINGSTON, Jamaica—Caribbean Cement Company Limited has set up a lactation room for nursing mothers so they can express their milk away from the intrusion of other employees and the public.

The addition, Caribbean Cement said, is part of the company’s drive to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The lactation room was introduced on Wednesday to coincide with World Breastfeeding Week, which is celebrated from August 1-7 by some 120 countries and aims to raise awareness of the roles people play in protecting, promoting and breastfeeding support.

Caribbean Cement Company Limited Managing Director Yago Castro explained that the introduction of the lactation room is part of the steps the cement company is taking to ensure a safe and welcoming workplace where people can collaborate effectively without fear. nor discomfort.

“We believe that once an organization meets diverse needs, everyone can thrive professionally. We all have differences from each other, be it gender, age, race, religion, marital status, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation. These differences can lead to discrimination, aggression and/or conflict between employees if there is not a culture that promotes acceptance and inclusion,” he said.

“By sharing information and increasing awareness of these differences while promoting unity, we can achieve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, where employees feel equally involved and supported in all areas” , Castro continued.

The cement company also said it had taken other steps to achieve diversity and inclusion in the workplace. These include the introduction of paternity leave, changes to recruitment to ensure an unbiased process and built-in training focused on breaking unconscious biases and being open to differences.

“A series of other measures are expected to come into force shortly,” the statement said.