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Celebrating National Breastfeeding Month

August is National Breastfeeding Month, and I’m celebrating my breastfeeding journey a little more openly over these weeks. Much of my celebration stems from remembering how far my son and I have come on our journey, but I understand that the subject of how mothers feed their babies is a sensitive one.

Many women are not sufficiently supported in their breastfeeding journey. Some moms can’t breastfeed, while others just won’t. And breastfeeding itself is absolute hard. So I want to let it be known that my celebration of Breastfeeding Awareness Month is not meant to shame formula moms or moms who have chosen an alternative path.

Mothers have enough trouble as it is. The last thing we need is mothers embarrassing themselves for the decisions they make about their the families and their children. In my celebration, I want people to know that I’m not trying to put another mom down. I’m not trying to make a mom feel sorry for her personal breastfeeding experience — or lack thereof.

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I party because breastfeeding means a lot to me personally.

I celebrate because my son and I have been through so much on this trip. We had a difficult start. I was unprepared for the battles breastfeeding would bring. I felt defeated when he couldn’t latch on after we left the hospital – and it was a difficult transition to get used to him being attached to me for countless hours every day .

He is my revelation that motherhood is hard and beautiful.

I’m celebrating because we’re going on 14 months, not everything of them were strong. Many of them have been exhausting, overwhelming and filled with defeat.

I celebrate because even in the praise of highs, we have experienced so many lows. But every moment brought us closer. Each moment built the bond between mother and child.

I’m celebrating because it’s the best decision I could have made for myself and my child, but I honor and respect the decisions that other moms have made for themselves and their children.

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I celebrate because my love for breastfeeding my baby keeps growing as we continue our journey. It is our cherished bond, something we can call our own.

He is my revelation that motherhood is hard and beautiful. Soft and intimate. Consuming and deep.

So during this month, and every day of this trip, I’m partying. Not to make moms who have chosen a different route feel ashamed or defeated. Not to advance the “breast is best” agenda. Not to throw away my unsolicited advice on breastfeeding awareness. Not make any other mom feel inferior or inadequate. Because I know that as mothers we make the decisions that are best for our family and for our children. And sometimes those decisions just don’t look the same. And that’s okay.

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I’m celebrating National Breastfeeding Month because these moments won’t last forever. My son is starting to need me less and less because his food comes from many other sources. And it’s bittersweet.

I celebrate because it is our journey, our story. And it fills me up.

I’m celebrating because there were many times when I was close to giving up, but we managed to find a rhythm. And as overwhelming as it has been to get to where we are now, our current bond is beautiful – and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Because this connection is my world.