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Certified lactation consultant uses evidence-based research to help new moms make informed decisions

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I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Nova Southeastern University and have credited my education at NSU with being instrumental in my successful nursing career.

My education has exposed me to many different types of specialties during my clinics and classes. As a result, I ultimately chose a pediatric intensive care unit after completing my internship during my final semester on the unit.

Education builds confidence as a new nurse

The number of clinical rotations within my program helped me feel confident to learn as a new nurse in an intensive care unit. And the rigorous testing from nursing school has helped me feel more confident to make quick decisions in the best interests of my patients.

I gained a lot of first-hand experience in the hospital system working with real patients, which allowed me to dive straight into learning and earn more certifications. I worked at USIP for over five years, learning about newborns, general pediatrics, and lactation education.

evidence-based research sparks a career in nursing

Taylor Bonacolta, RN, BSN, CLC is the creator of June and Lily, a platform created to provide evidence-based research to help new moms make informed decisions about breastfeeding, postpartum, and postpartum care. give to their new babies.

Finding a Passion for New Mothers

Through continuing education, I found my passion for caring for new mothers and their babies, and decided to further my education in lactation and become a certified lactation consultant. I became one of the designated breastfeeding counselors for my unit and created an information brochure for breastfeeding mothers caring for a critically ill child.

The focus on evidence-based research throughout my training has also helped me immensely throughout my career. As a nurse, keeping up to date with the latest research is essential in my daily practice. The ability to find and stay up to date with evidence-based research helps me in so many ways in the career I have today.

Evidence-based research triggers career transition

After having two children, I decided to redirect my career to spend more time with my little ones at home. I now run my own business, June and Lilywhere I provide evidence-based education and support to new moms so they can confidently navigate breastfeeding, postpartum, and caring for their new babies.

My passion changed after having my babies. And that’s one thing I like about nursing, it’s its flexibility. I can continue to work in healthcare doing something I am passionate about supporting many new moms.

If it weren’t for my nursing education and career path, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I greatly appreciate the real-life lessons I learned throughout my training to become a nurse.

My upbringing made me feel comfortable enough to go into my own business, providing support and education to a whole population of people. I plan to continue to grow my business and support new mothers locally. I am forever grateful for my nursing education, which has shaped my nursing career today.

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