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CMC now offers a lactation module for breastfeeding mothers | New

Nursing mothers now have a new safe space to breastfeed or pump privately within Conway Medical Center.

The hospital this week unveiled a Mamava Lactation Pod that will allow its staff, visitors and members of the public to breastfeed or pump 24/7. The pod is located in CMC’s main hall and includes outlets, adjustable light settings, and a means to change the airflow inside.

“We want to make sure that as a community hospital we normalize breastfeeding,” said Laura Baisch, lactation consultant at CMC. “It’s going to be a support system for them. [We want to let] our moms, our staff know that we are here to support our community.

An establishment that promotes breastfeeding, the CMC is in the process of receiving its Baby-Friendly accreditation.

Baisch said the area that was previously intended for breastfeeding and pumping was recently renovated and the room was no longer available. They decided the lactation module would be a “great addition” to the campus, she said.

Valerie Richardson with CMC steps out of the new lactation pod located in the main hall of the hospital. Breastfeeding or expressing mothers can access it 24/7. Photo by Hannah Strong Oskin/[email protected]

To use the pod, mothers can download the app or scan a QR code located on the outside of the pod. From there, the app will direct them to unlock the door or let the mother know the pod is busy.

The interior is big enough for a mom to bring a small child. From the app, mom can adjust the airflow and dim the lights.

CMC’s Mamava pod is the second in Horry County, with another at Myrtle Beach International Airport.

“We’re really excited about what we’re doing,” Baisch said.

CMC delivered 1,500 babies last year, she added.

“We made the most deliveries on the Grand Strand [last year]”, Baisch said. “And we want to promote our moms.”

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