Breastfeeding seminars

Everyone has a role to play in helping breastfeeding parents to breastfeed

This National Breastfeeding Week (June 27-July 3), everyone is encouraged to play their part in supporting breastfeeding with helpful tips on how to make it happen.

Nursing parents:

  • Breastfeeding is a skill that can take time to master, but there is plenty of support available. Visit start for life for information and support on how to breastfeed
  • The NHS website contains useful information on individual breastfeeding support, breastfeeding drop-in centres, cafes and centres, and breastfeeding helplines. Drop-in centers, cafes and breastfeeding centers are all great places to make new friends and share the ups and downs of caring for a baby.
  • When you’re outdoors, look for breastfeeding-friendly stickers in the windows of local businesses and tell others if you see them.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, remind yourself that you are doing the most natural thing for your baby and encourage others to do the same.
  • If you or someone else is asked to go somewhere because of breastfeeding, you have the right to contest that request.

Partners, family and friends:

  • You can support a breastfeeding parent by attending prenatal or breastfeeding classes
  • You can also provide emotional and practical support
  • You can help a nursing parent feel comfortable, for example with extra pillows or bringing a drink and snack
  • For more advice on how you can support breastfeeding parents, please visit the NHS website

Local businesses:

  • If you run a local business in Richmond upon Thames, you can do your part to support breastfeeding parents by joining the Breastfeeding Onboarding program and making them feel welcome when they visit your establishment.
  • To learn more about how you can do this, visit the Breastfeeding Intake Program Website or email [email protected] for more information

Breastfeeding support

Our local medical visits service has been commissioned to provide improved breastfeeding services in Richmond upon Thames. It provides breastfeeding parents with information on breastfeeding, provided by its medical visit team who are all trained in breastfeeding as part of UNICEF’s Baby Friendly Initiative.

If you would like to speak to the team, you can contact them on 0330 0581 679 or by emailing [email protected]

Visit the Central London Community Healthcare Trust website for more information on the Health Visit service, infant feeding, sleep during pregnancy and more. More links and resources can be found on the Trust’s Infant feeding in Richmond page.