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EXCLUSIVE: Smart for Life ramps up manufacturing of milk powdered breastfeeding products despite infant formula shortage

Smart for Life Inc. SMFL The Doctors Scientific Organica division has accelerated the production of milk powder to increase milk production, nourish the postpartum body and help fight sugar cravings.

Smart for Life develops, markets, manufactures, acquires, operates and sells a wide range of nutritional and related products.

The company is executing a buy and build strategy with multiple acquisitions creating a vertically integrated company with the goal of bringing together companies generating a minimum of $300 million in revenue over the next 36 months.

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Milk Dust is an assortment of nutritional products and lactation protein powder created for breastfeeding mothers. Milk Dust has partnered with Smart for Life to manufacture its exclusive products designed to support breastmilk production since 2019.

The powder has been able to help over 50,000 mums with their milk supply over the past three years.

Sasson Moulavi, Medical Director of Smart for Life, said: “We are seeing an increase in demand for milk powder, and we believe it has been partly driven by a greater awareness of breastfeeding during shortage of infant formula.

Darren Minton, Managing Director of Smart for Life, concluded, “Our FDA-certified manufacturing facility in Florida can expedite production of the Milk Dust product line.

Price action: SMFL shares rose 20% to $0.54 in the premarket session of the last check on Thursday.