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First Lactation Group Opens in Southeast Texas

This is a private room equipped with resources to safely breastfeed and pump breast milk. The pod will be open to staff, visitors and members of the public.

BEAUMONT, Texas— Southeast Texas Baptist Hospitals opened the region’s first and only lactation pod, providing parents with a private and convenient space to breastfeed their babies in a public location.

The $26,000 project, which took more than a year to build, was funded by the Southeast Texas Baptist Hospitals Foundation and is now open to staff, visitors and the general public.

Employees of Baptist hospitals noticed a great need for a private and accessible space where parents could breastfeed or express their milk.

Lisa Carroll, a Baptist registered nurse and lactation consultant, says they’ve already offered space on the building’s third floor, but it’s a difficult place to get to.

For this reason, the hospital built the region’s first Mamava lactation module for staff and visitors. It is located in the hall of Les Neches on the first floor and is equipped with a table and two built-in benches

Philanthropic Services Coordinator Olivia Warner explains how to navigate the Mamava app, which lets you reserve the pod.

“It’ll show you where the location is with details telling you exactly how to get to the front door of that pod and it’ll give you a unique access code so you type it on the keypad and you’re in “, she said.

The pod has outlets, air control, and the ability to dim the lights inside the pod using the Mamava app.

“It also shows you if it’s vacant or used so you don’t come all the way in here and someone is already there,” Warner said.

Warner says the capsule opening was a very special moment, considering she was about to have a baby herself.

“Dr. Snehal Doshi actually approached me with the idea of ​​bringing a lactation module here to the hospital and I had just found out that I was pregnant with my daughter, so it became a very personal project. for me to carry out,” she said.

Warner says the board was so excited they voted unanimously to authorize funds to buy it and have it built.

Hospital staff say the investment is worth it.

“With the formula shortage and everything going on, we have a lot of mothers trying to breastfeed and it’s not an easy task,” Carroll said.

Carroll says the carrycot will provide safety and privacy for parents

“It’s kind of a practical thing where they can just hide from the world for a second, breathe, regroup and go back and conquer it again,” she said.

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