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Five Breastfeeding Secrets Every New Mom Should Know

Actor Neha Dhupia has always spoken about the rights, issues and struggles that new mothers face, their health and the freedom to choose how and where they want to feed their babies.

Her breastfeeding and parenting initiative – where they discuss all things parenting fears and issues – is called “Freedom To Feed”, and a recent post on the page is relevant to new mothers.

The post mainly deals breastfeeding secrets and alleviates the doubts and fears of new and first mothers.

* It states that a expectant mother may consider meeting with a lactation consultant or other nursing expert before the baby is born, as they can share tips that can help them in the beginning.

* While breastfeeding, they can position themselves so that the baby’s nose is touching their nipple and their bellies are also aligned. This means they need to make sure the baby’s tummy touches theirs so they don’t have to turn their head to latch on. They should point the nipple towards the baby’s nose – not the mouth – so he can lift his head and latch on.

* The third thing is to create space for breastfeeding. Before the baby arrives, mothers can create a nursing station – a space with a comfortable chair, nursing pillow, side table for snacks, water, nursing pads, bibs, a phone and a good book.

* It is important not to count the minutes. The mother can let the baby take the first breast and stay there until he comes off on his own, then offer the second breast. Some babies take one breast during a feed and both breasts at other times.

*The next thing to know is that if you want to offer bottles, do it 4-6 weeks. If you wait up to 8 weeks, you risk being refused the bottle. The mother can also ask someone else to feed the baby then leave the house so that they are not tempted to feed.

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