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How 2NutGuys Created Singapore’s First Lactation Nut Butter

Lactation products are nothing new and they come in many forms: lactation cookies, cupcakes and even tea.

These foods labeled lactation are specially developed to include wholesome ingredients that nourish new moms and help increase their breast milk supply.

Beyond these many existing lactation products, two Singaporean guys – Lee Chee Leong, 38; and David Ho, 35 – aim to disrupt the landscape with their own lactation nut butter, which is billed as the first of its kind in Singapore.

They are also the founders of 2NutGuysa home-based business launched in August 2021.

What sparked the crazy idea?

As a father of one, Chee Leong has personally seen how difficult breastfeeding is for his wife. This gave her a better understanding of the issues that some mothers – especially those who don’t have a decent milk supply – face.

We understood and recognized the challenge, and we knew there was a market to address. Nursing mothers face limited options. The products on the market are full of calories and one-dimensional. We then saw potential to create something nutritious, yet delicious and versatile while helping mothers increase their breastmilk supply.

– Lee Chee Leong, co-founder of 2NutGuys

Some of the other products sold by 2NutGuys include flavored nut butter and roasted nuts / Image Credit: 2NutGuys

They chose to co-create their product with other breastfeeding mothers. All ate lactation cookies as part of their lactation diet and many gained weight, not because of the high fat and sugar content of lactation cookies.

On top of that, they were also bored and tired of cookies, and wanted something different.

Therefore, they knew they had to innovate a product that was versatile, nutritious, but still delicious.

Prioritize R&D to produce quality products

Chee Leong has always been in sales and business development. He is currently the regional manager of a fintech company, while David runs a business designing and brokering employee health benefits.

Due to the nature of their work, they are big proponents of trial and testing. This mindset has greatly helped them to innovate their company’s flagship product.

We focused on innovation to fill the gap in the market. Our main goal is to understand mothers – what they love, what they are going through, the difficulties they face and their wish lists.

– Lee Chee Leong, co-founder of 2NutGuys

2nutguys in the kitchen
Work in the kitchen with proper attire / Image credit: 2NutGuys

The duo’s R&D process was rigorous and lasted a few months. They interviewed and interacted with approximately 30 mothers who face concerns about low milk supply or poor milk quality, and took their time to identify and source the right ingredients.

They then conducted several tests to determine the consistency and flavor they wanted.

The survey contributed significantly to the conceptualization of the final product. They also organized a group of breastfeeding mothers and sent them the products to try. Over 40% of mothers experienced positive results with their product, i.e. increased milk supply or creamier milk.

“Their feedback has been great. We listened and we learned, and that helped us improve our product. We finally succeeded with the seventh version. Knowing that moms loved it encouraged us to launch it,” he adds.

As men in a female-centric industry, they knew that learning from mothers – their target market – would help them create a better product to meet their needs.

nut butter and roasted nuts
Besides its nut butter, 2NutGuys also sells roasted nuts / Image credit: 2NutGuys

The process of obtaining the final product involves carefully roasting American almonds at a temperature that brings out the natural oils and flavor.

Afterwards, the nuts are churned with their own recipes and a combination of lactation-boosting ingredients: organic chia seeds (a superfood for lactation and rich in protein, calcium and iron), almond oil cold pressed, low glycemic gula melaka and other “secret milk boosters”.

The end product is versatile enough to spread on toast, add to overnight oats, yogurt, or even eat on its own. It’s also low in sugar, with no MSG or preservatives.

Besides their best-selling ‘Mom’s Nut Butter’, they also have dairy-free products, ‘naked’ without salt or sugar for moms with gestational diabetes and gluten-free creations.

They also have a regular version of ‘Nutmond Butter’ for non-nursing mothers.

Small Capital, Big Dreams

2NutGuys had a start-up capital of S$5,000. However, they only choose to measure their success by the mothers they have served since initiation.

The day we put money in the bank, we spent half of it on a machine to start our R&D process. The rest of the funds were spent on obtaining ingredients. Since our launch, we have served and helped thousands of moms increase their milk supply.

Our goal is to help mums on their motherhood journey – to launch them on a nutritious and healthy journey from the moment they conceive, through breastfeeding and weaning their little ones.

– Lee Chee Leong, co-founder of 2NutGuys

Running the business isn’t that easy though, especially as they have to juggle their full-time jobs and families.

“We have to stay super focused and prioritize properly. There are countless things to do every day and we need to deliberately choose the right thing to focus on and then do it well. Our daily tasks have their full attention until the clock strikes 6 p.m. Then we put on our aprons, kitchen masks and hairnets to start our second job,” he explains.

Going forward, they aim to make their nut butter a top choice for nursing mothers and eventually have hospitals stocking it on its shelves.

“As the future is full of possibilities, we will go where moms take us,” adds Chee Leong.

Featured Image Credit: 2NutGuys