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In-Person Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes – Sudbury News

Welcome to the FIRST-EVER in-person prenatal breastfeeding workshop at the Sudbury Community Midwifery Office!

Carolyn is an experienced RN, former NICU/Peds Nurse and Certified Breastfeeding Specialist.

This class will cover:

How to prepare: what can you do during pregnancy to feel better prepared and ready to breastfeed

Postpartum: what to expect in the immediate postpartum period

Specific topics include:
Benefits of breast milk and breastfeeding
How to prepare
Breast anatomy
Supply and demand
Prenatal hand expression
Things that can affect your milk supply
Prevent nipple and breast problems
Food milestones
Normal Infant Feeding Behavior
Tips for sleeping infants
Breastfeeding positions
Efficient feeding
Breastfeeding pain
Is it an undersupply?
Feeding challenges
Feeding bottle

A comprehensive breastfeeding e-book is included as well as a virtual 15-minute prenatal consultation on 1:1 breastfeeding with Carolyn.

Price is $50 plus HST

You must be a client of Sudbury Community Midwives to attend.

To register, please click here.