Lactation education

Lactation Consultation – Baton Rouge Clinic

Our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Emily Hannaman, is able to help with breastfeeding issues such as:

  • Assess for blocked ducts, mastitis, thrush, engorgement, and other breastfeeding-related conditions
  • Helping Breastfed Babies with Special Needs and Prematurity
  • Counsel mothers about emotional and physical barriers to breastfeeding, including postpartum depression or a difficult start
  • Develop an individualized feeding plan to help overcome breastfeeding challenges
  • Assess the infant’s sucking and coordination at the breast, nipple pain, breast discomfort, slow or sleepy feeds
  • Advice on the safety and impact of medications, medical procedures and diseases on breast milk and breastfeeding
  • Helping families achieve their breastfeeding goals and answering any questions or concerns
  • Helps increase milk production and determine the cause of a possible low supply
  • Help mothers with medical problems to breastfeed
  • Information on the benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby
  • Introduction of the bottle, return to work, teething and weaning
  • Take weighted feeds during visits to see a snapshot of how much baby is latching on
  • Prenatal lactation appointment to set goals, answer questions and concerns, and what to expect in the first few weeks
  • Provide a full feeding assessment, including positioning and locking advice
  • Provide guidance to pumping mums, including pump selection, use and replacement
  • Provide referrals to trusted healthcare professionals as needed
  • Troubleshoot pump output, schedule, pump adjustment, and function
  • Weaning a breast shield

Lactation specialists can also help feed premature babies or infants with physical or neurological disabilities. Whatever your setback, your advisor can work directly with you to develop a personalized solution.