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Lactation counselors encourage breastfeeding in times of formula shortage

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) — Amid mothers scrambling to find formula to feed their babies, experts are encouraging new mothers to breastfeed.

SouthCoast Health pediatricians have seen more women decide to breastfeed their babies because it’s so hard to find formula on the shelves.

“I can’t imagine how scary it is to go from store to store and you can’t find your formula.”

Which sparked a demand for lactation consultants like Carisa Elmore.

“So now a lot of parents really want to breastfeed even though they didn’t intend to.”

Besides not having to worry about finding formula, she says breastfeeding has more benefits.

“The immune system benefits are exponential.”

She also says breastfeeding improves growth, brain and eye development.

One of the biggest challenges of breastfeeding is getting back to work. She encourages mothers to look at pictures of their baby while they express to strengthen the emotional connection and to pump as often as needed to help your feeding.

“So if you’re going out for an eight-hour day and your baby is going to feed two or three times, you have to pump two or three times and hopefully your work schedule allows for that,” Elmore said.

She advises nursing mothers to contact a lactation consultant if you’re ever worried or just need advice.

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