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LiquidGoldConcept Receives NIH Grant for Lactation Support Training Technology

ANN ARBOUR, Mich., April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Ann Arbour, Mich.femtech start-up LiquidGoldConcept announced that he had been awarded an additional award $55,000 in funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in support of its Lactation simulation models (LSM) and Newborn oral assessment and latch simulators (NORALSim). The new grant is in addition to $250,000 in NIH support the company received in July 2020 for its breakthrough breastfeeding training technology.

the $55,000 the grant is made through the National Centers for Clinical and Translational Science (NCATS), which is part of the National Institute of Health. NCATS works with researchers, the public and other stakeholder groups to design new approaches and technologies that will ultimately deliver more treatment to more people, faster.

LiquidGoldConcept received the current grant to support ongoing commercialization efforts for its NORALSim products. NORALSim is a realistic newborn simulator that latches and suckles within the LiquidGoldConcept lactation simulation model. Both simulators work together to provide healthcare professionals and parents with realistic breastfeeding training tools.

“This NIH grant supports our research into NORALSim products, part of our suite of industry-leading solutions to provide all healthcare professionals, future lactation clinical specialists, and expectant parents with a way to practice techniques breastfeeding practices,” said Chief Operating Officer of LiquidGoldConcept Sam Chuisano. “We look forward to continuing to learn how our simulation products can eliminate training and access bottlenecks for lactation support professionals.”

Three members of LiquidGoldConcept’s leadership team will lead the research, including Chuisano, who is the grant’s Principal Investigator, Director of Sales Kelly Smithand Director of Marketing and BrandAbigail Worthington. Each will complete an eight-week training course with the NIH, during which they will conduct more than 100 interviews with potential and future customers of LiquidGoldConcept products to help them gain valuable insight into their product-market fit.

“We are grateful that the NIH sees value in quickly moving our products to a broader market in order to improve breastfeeding and health outcomes for parents and babies in this country through better access to support at breastfeeding,” Chuisano said.

For more information about LiquidGoldConcept, NORALSim, and lactation simulation models, as well as other high-impact breastfeeding technology solutions the company is developing with support from the NIH and other organizations, please visit

LiquidGoldConcept was founded in 2014 by four University of Michigan students, including Anna SadovnikovaCEO, IBCLC candidate, MPH, MA, PhD/MD, and Jeff Plot, CTO, PhD. Today, Sadovnikova is a doctoral and doctoral student at University of California, Davis in mammary gland biology and lactation medicine. Plott is a mechanical engineer and researcher in translational sciences at University of Michigan. The idea for LiquidGoldConcept originated from Sadovnikova’s 2014 summer research program in Brazil, where she had the opportunity to work and observe lactation practices with a diverse group of mothers and healthcare providers at human donor milk banks and hospitals nationwide. LiquidGoldConcept’s ongoing work is centered around Sadovnikova and her team’s goal of significantly advancing breastfeeding education and lactation support in United States.

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