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Louise Thompson reveals she was ‘too ashamed to say no’ to breastfeeding her baby

Louise Thompson gave birth to a baby boy, Leo, in November. (Getty Pictures)

Louise Thompson has admitted she blames herself for not being able to breastfeed her baby Leo.

The former reality TV star, 31, gave birth in November, before spending five weeks in hospital due to complications – and has been documenting her mental health struggles on social media ever since.

In a post on instagramthe new mother can be seen holding her four-month-old boy while feeding him milk from a bottle.

Captioning the image, she wrote: ‘I think it’s important to highlight these kinds of experiences to try to break the stigma around bottle feeding.

Thompson continued, “The truth is that there are many women who cannot breastfeed and many of those women feel guilt over what society considers to be the optimal option.”

Alluding to the near-fatal complications she suffered during labour, she revealed, “I remember being encouraged to breastfeed after my first operation. My baby was practically thrown on top of me.

“I’ve been linked to one of over 10 blood transfusions I’ve had and I was on quite a bit of medication and something about it just felt really gross to me. I was too ashamed to say no so I continued.

“Then I felt excruciating pain as my damaged uterus contracted (and bled), but I was told to continue.”

The star shared: “Anyway, turns out I knew my body pretty well because the pain turned out to be bad and I ended up in intensive care where I still lost my milk.”

She noted, “There isn’t always one policy when it comes to a child’s health (or education for that matter). So you do it.”

the old Made in Chelsea The actor went on to tell his 1.4 million followers that there are many health reasons some women can’t breastfeed, including hormonal imbalances, diabetes, chemotherapy and premature birth.

Her post received more than 103,000 likes, and many social media users praised her for speaking out on the subject.

Davina McCall left a series of “heart” emojis, while This morning‘s Dr Zoe Williams commented, “When I look at this picture I see a beautiful caring mother nurturing and nurturing her baby”.

It comes after Thompson revealed how journaling was helping her recover from PTSD after experiencing a traumatic birth.

At the end of December, she shared that she suffered from “various serious complications” with Leo’s arrival and was hospitalized for several weeks after giving birth.

Without detailing exactly what happened, she revealed that doctors had “worked all night” to save her life.