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Michelle Branch defends breastfeeding in public: Twitter – SheKnows

Michelle Branch makes sure everyone knows that she doesn’t have time to deal with moms, especially when they’re moms themselves. On March 15, Branch tweeted twice, explaining a shocking situation where another mother shamed him for breastfeeding her newborn daughter Willie on a park bench.

She tweeted“I just felt ashamed of another mum (holding her own young child!) for breastfeeding my 6 week old baby on a bench in a playground while my toddler was playing. She said that I was not “modest.” I’m in shock that this kind of judgment comes from another mother!

The Grammy-winning singer added“…and to clarify, I was wearing a nursing tank top and sat apart from the others. It’s not like I walked into the crowd and stuck my boobs out “Being a mom is hard enough. Can’t we judge ourselves on how we feed our babies?”

Breastfeeding discrimination is a very real issue for mothers around the world, and many face backlash for feeding their children in public. To think that another mother would shame another mother for the way she eats is mind boggling.

Branch has a daughter named Owen Isabelle, 16, with ex-husband Teddy Landau and two children with husband Patrick Carney named Rhys James, 3, and newborn rainbow baby Willie Jacquet.

On Feb. 4, Branch posted a touching snap of her and newborn baby Willie de Carney to her Instagram account. She posted it with the caption: “Welcome to the world sweet girl Willie. Willie Jacquet Carney was born 02/02/22. She is named after Patrick’s grandmother, Willie Madge, and is named my mother’s maiden name/my middle name. We are so in love.

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