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Michelle Branch Recounts ‘Heartbreaking’ Moment She Was Shamed About Breastfeeding Baby in Public

Breast, bottle, whatever: how you feed is a shameless series about how babies eat.

Celebrity parents are no stranger to receiving trolling comments from keyboard warriors who want to criticize the way they nurture/hold/treat/raise their child. But sometimes shaming moms choose to confront someone in person, like Michelle Branch discovered earlier this year, shortly after the birth of her daughter Willie.

Whereas talk to Lyndsey Parker, editor-in-chief of Yahoo Music about his new album, The fever problemlast month, the singer-songwriter talked about a incident last march in which another mom called her for breastfeeding her then 6-week-old baby in a playground. A “smoking” branch later caught on Twitter to vent the passionate moment, writing that she was “in shock that this kind of judgment came from another mother.”

“It was really crazy,” Branch, who is also a mom to a 17-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son, told Parker. The musician and her family were in Charleston, South Carolina at the time and walked to a local playground so her son could play while she sat on a bench nearby to breastfeed her son. new born.

“I had my stroller in front of me and I had a [nursing] blanket, but it was like 90 degrees outside,” Branch recalled. “And I was like, i am boiling. I kind of took off my blanket and fed her very quietly and a mom from across the playground kept staring at me. She was holding a baby and I was like, Oh, there’s another mom. Maybe she wants to be a mom friend.”

She soon discovered that the other mom wasn’t trying to be nice. Branch said the woman approached her two oldest daughters, who were playing near where the singer and her baby were sitting, and told them they were leaving — because of Branch.

“She was like, ‘She’s not modest. We have to go,'” she said. “And I was in shock. I could just feel my face getting hot. And I was like, is she directing this to me?

“There were so many things that bothered me about the interaction,” Branch added. “The main thing was that she was telling her daughters what I was doing was wrong. And here I’m feeding a 6-week-old child and in a park with mothers and children. I didn’t expect it all just not from another woman… I think motherhood is as hard as it is, to be made to feel that way by another mother was really upsetting.”

The “Everywhere” singer said she was “shaking” when she got home, and regrets not responding to the woman.

“It was one of those things where she left and I couldn’t believe I didn’t say anything back because I was just kind of in shock,” she shared. “I kept saying, ‘Oh, I can’t wait to meet her again at the park because I want to talk to her,’ and I never met her again.”

Months later, Branch is still reeling from her mother’s shame she was subjected to, particularly the implication that she was indecent while feeding her baby.

“Why do you think boobs were made, people?” she laughed. “Like, are you so upset that I’m breastfeeding in a park? It’s not like I was, like topless and flaunting. I was really trying to be as modest as possible. And that was so upsetting.”

—Additional reports by Lyndsey Parker.

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