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Milk Diva Lactation Services and Poplin Pediatric Dentistry Open New Collaborative Infant Feeding Clinic

The collaboration between the two specialty firms is the first and only of its kind in Central Texas.

By having a Milk Diva consultant in the office alongside us, we are able to provide more comprehensive care than either practice can provide independently.

— Dr. Jared Poplin

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, July 30, 2022 / — Today, Diva Milk and Poplin Pediatric Dentistry hosts the grand opening of its Collaborative Infant Feeding Clinic located at 6850 Austin Center Blvd, Suite 225, Austin, TX 78731. The new clinic is designed to be a one-stop location where patients receive expert infant feeding care. Services provided at the clinic include speech therapy/nutrition, advanced lactation care as well as frenectomy services from highly trained providers who work as a team to provide thorough, collaborative and personalized care. Together, their goal is to uncover the root cause of infant feeding problems while avoiding unnecessary interventions.

“I had a desire to ensure that patients were fully informed about all aspects of how tongue ties and frenectomies could positively OR negatively affect breastfeeding,” said Naiomi Catron, Founder and CEO. of Milk Diva. “Dr. Poplin also wanted to ensure his patients were fully informed before deciding on surgery.”

In an environment where most healthcare is siled and disease-focused, both Naiomi and Dr. Poplin value a collaborative approach focused on wellness and disease prevention. Currently, many of the patients Dr. Poplin cares for are children and adolescents with respiratory and dental issues that could have been prevented through this type of wellness and disease prevention collaboration.

“By having a Milk Diva consultant in the office alongside us, we are able to provide more comprehensive care than either practice can provide independently,” said Dr. Jared Poplin, owner. of Poplin Pediatric Dentistry. “Patients are assessed by my practice for structural limitations and are then assessed by Milk Diva for functional breastfeeding issues. As a result, our patients say they feel more equipped, confident, and educated about what to do. expect.

This process has proven to prevent problems for shared patients that might otherwise be overlooked without such collaboration between these two specialists. Although the new clinic exists to further strengthen this collaboration, Milk Diva and Poplin Pediatric Dentistry continue to operate their independent practices to care for patients who do not require the more specialized care provided by the other practice. Milk Diva operates exclusively from Suite 225, while Poplin Pediatric Dentistry operates from both Suite 225 as well as its home office Suite 220.

Dr. Poplin continued, “It is comforting to have a trusted partner like Milk Diva to refer my patients to when surgery is not warranted. It is very convenient for our patients requiring speech therapy/feeding, basic or advanced lactation services to be seen by Milk Diva, right next door.

Over the past year, the duo have discovered the synergistic benefits for patients when working collaboratively on the same cases. The opening of this new office marks the evolution of the ongoing collaboration between these two firms. Although there are a few clinics with a similar concept in the United States, the Milk Diva & Dr. Poplin Collaborative is the only one of its kind in central Texas. The clinic is accepting new patients, but appointments are booked quickly. Patients are encouraged to book early. Clinic hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Dr. Jared Poplin is a board-certified pediatric dentist who has been in private practice since 2010 and has made Austin his home since 2015. After earning a BA in Biology from the University of Kansas, Dr. Poplin graduated his doctorate in dental medicine. from Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He continued his education with an additional two-year pediatric residency at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia. Learn more about

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We present to you our new Collaborative Infant Feeding Clinic!