Breastfeeding seminars

Minister wants breastfeeding rooms for student mothers at school

Peace Mutuuzo, the state minister for gender and culture, said schools should set up nursing facilities for pregnant and breastfeeding students on their premises.

Amid controversy over the admission of pregnant girls to school, the minister said they should not only be allowed to continue their education, but do so with psychosocial support.

Mutuuzo said that if adult women continue to work during pregnancy and only leave to give birth, school administrators should find ways to help pregnant school-going mothers, most of whom are victims, to sue. their studies.

She was speaking at the Regional Meeting on Prevention of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and Holistic Care for Victims and Survivors of SGBV at the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) at the Sheraton Kampala hotel recently.

“If schools haven’t prepared breastfeeding girls, we should do what we did for MPs.

There is a safe place where you can put a baby, work and take care of the child when you are free,” Mutuuzo said.

She called on religious leaders and educators to understand what girls are going through, noting that instead of pointing fingers at the victims, society should pay close attention to those responsible for the pregnancies.

Different studies have shown that Uganda had some of the highest cases of teenage pregnancy in the world during the nearly two-year COVID-19 lockdown.

Speaking during National Resistance Movement Liberation Day celebrations in Kololo on Wednesday, President Yoweri Museveni said he had met with religious leaders and the Cabinet to discuss whether children should go to the school during their pregnancy.

gender-based violence

The meeting also discussed the articles of the 2012 Kampala Declaration which calls on Member States to commit to addressing sexual and gender-based violence.

Rose Nalubega, Acting Commissioner for the Department of Sexual and Childhood Offenses, said the main challenge in tackling sexual and gender-based violence is public ignorance.

According to the Ugandan police, 17,026 cases of domestic violence were reported between January and June 2021, compared to 16,242 cases during the same period in 2020.