Breastfeeding seminars

More breastfeeding support for mums in North Cumbria

Andrea Harriman

Mums in Cumbria should benefit from increased breastfeeding support.

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust has appointed two new Infant Feeding Managers, Andrea Harriman and Bernice Radcliffe.

Specialist midwives will provide support and information on feeding to new mothers and families.

Bernice said: “We know Cumbria has lower than average breastfeeding rates, which is where Andrea and I hope we can make a difference. We know the right support from the start is vital.

Andrea said: “We’re really keen to support moms and families to help every baby get the best, healthiest start in life.”

Bernice and Andrea work with the extended maternity teams to provide specialist nutritional support to women from birth through postnatal care in hospital and in the community up to 28 days.

The two also work closely with the Health Visits Infant Feeding Team who would then offer further ongoing support.

Andrea added, “Having support with food and being able to meet other people to discuss their experiences and share ideas is a critical part of food success. Cumbria has a range of peer support groups across the county to provide this ongoing service.

Berenice Radcliffe

Since starting their new roles, the infant feeding duo have prioritized midwifery refresher training and also aim to become Baby Friendly: Stage 3 accredited in due course, which will ensure that breastfeeding is integrated into all aspects of maternity care.

Andrea and Bernice, alongside 15 other infant feeding midwives, health visitors and child nurses, are also taking a course to become International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, the highest level of accreditation for the breastfeeding support.

Bernice added: “Excitingly, we have virtual classes specific to prenatal infant feeding starting in the very near future and we warmly invite all to attend. More details will be shared soon.