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My lactation company Pure Delivery offers comprehensive services for new moms

Owner Diba Tillery opened a physical My Pure Delivery location in 2016. (Ali Linan/Community Impact Newspaper0

As a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit, My Pure Delivery founder and owner Diba Tillery said she developed a passion for helping new mums breastfeed.

The process can be time-consuming, and for nurses with multiple patients, it can be difficult for them to give new moms their full attention, to the point where Tillery said she would take care of helping moms breastfeed. while other nurses cared for her. babies.

“I really started developing a passion for it,” Tillery said. “Looking back, I was giving very bad information because as nurses we didn’t have that training. Doctors do not receive this education. We just learned on the job.

Tillery then became a lactation consultant, visiting several hospitals a day. In doing so, she also realized that while she helped new mums get a good start on breastfeeding in a baby’s first days, there was no support for them beyond the hospital. . She said she found that many mothers actually struggled in the outpatient world.

This inspired Tillery to start her own business as a lactation consultancy focused on breastfeeding and helping new moms through support systems and educational opportunities. It all started in a hospital with its own brick and mortar that opened in 2016.

Now the company offers classes, support groups for those struggling with postpartum depression, and breast pump rentals and breastfeeding supplies. It also operates as a breastmilk donation site through Mothers’ Make Bank Austin for premature babies, where moms can drop off any extra milk to donate without having to travel to downtown Austin. He also does home visits for those who cannot make it to the office.

Tillery added that as a NICU nurse and caring for very sick babies, she has seen a baby’s life saved by donor milk.

“I really saw the need in the community to have a place where moms could take classes – there was no place like that – with classes, a pump rental station, a lactation in the clinic as well as at home,” Tillery said. “That was really my motivation to start.”

My Pure Delivery courses include parenting and breastfeeding webinars, breastfeeding basics, newborn basics, and CPR and infant safety classes available to all moms.

The company also offers breast pump consultations and adjustments as well as a series of mommy wellness webinars, according to its website.

It is also networked with at least nine insurance companies, including telemedicine appointment coverage, and was the first Texas-based lactation consulting company to appear on most insurance company listings. insurance, Tillery said.

She added that a second location in Plano, outside of Dallas, is already in the works and that she plans to continue opening locations wherever she can.

“I’m making a breastfeeding empire,” Tillery said. “The longer we can be there, the more we can help [moms] and that they can have this resource.

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