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New lactation room unveiled at Monroe County Courthouse

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) – The Seventh Judicial District, along with members of its Gender Equity Committee, unveiled Thursday the completion of a lactation room located at the Monroe County Courthouse in l honoring National Breastfeeding Month.

District court facilities will have signs indicating that breastfeeding is welcome in designated areas and new employees will be informed of the location of these areas.

Officials said they welcome breastfeeding on court premises and are working to accommodate people who are breastfeeding. They add that having a space to feed one’s children is a human right.

“I currently work as a public defender, and I have a busy workload, and after returning from maternity leave after having twins, I was surprised that there was no dedicated space in the hall of justice,” public defender Jacquelyn said. Flu. “And when I went to see Judge Johnson, she immediately saw the need and took action to help fix it.”

Hon. Teresa D. Johnson, Co-Chair of the Gender Equity Committee, explained why it’s important for the courts to have a place for breastfeeding.

“Coming to the courthouse can be a stressful experience for many of our citizens,” she said. “Those who are breastfeeding shouldn’t face the added stress of trying to figure out where to feed their child or use a breast pump.”