Breastfeeding seminars

Provide breastfeeding corners in workplaces – UNICEF and GHS tell employers

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has partnered with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to advocate for a baby-friendly environment for nursing mothers in the workplace.

The goal is to promote the “Start Right, Eat Right – Birth to Two Years” agenda, which educates about the need for proper nutritional care for infants.

Speaking at a media workshop in Accra on Friday, UNICEF nutrition officer Jevaise Aballo revealed that statistics prove that a higher percentage of children are malnourished.

Describing the situation as worrying, he said more than 20% of newborn babies suffer from stunting, thinning, underweight or anemia because labor prevents mothers from giving the right meal portions. to services.

This, he said, could be rectified if arrangements were made for mothers to take and breastfeed their babies in the offices.

He proposed that every employer provide a nursing nook with adequate privacy where mothers can tend to their wards after exhausting their three-month maternity leave.

“It has many advantages for both employer and employee. It is certain that every mother is concerned about the health and nutritional status of her children. It will be very important that they have children close to them and that they take breaks to breastfeed them while they work.

“To the employer, you know that if you don’t breastfeed, the child tends to get sick and the nurse will tell you today that I can’t come to the office. This has a cost and a loss for the employer”, he lectured.

Adding her voice, GHS Regional Nutrition Manager Faustina Vimariba Tour explained that breastfeeding is the magic that every child needs to reach their full development.

Exclusive breastfeeding, she said, has the potential to provide antibodies that prevent the baby from malaria, infections and malnutrition.

Madame Tour spoke out against forcing babies to eat meals. She urged mothers to be patient with children and nurture them with love.