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“Shout out to female anatomy”

This mom to instagram told us she was breastfeeding without telling us she was breastfeeding, and that’s very relevant for many nursing parents.

Breastfeeding can be a natural way to nourish babies, but for new breastfeeding parents, the process can feel anything but natural. No one knows this better than a travel strategist and a new mom Chari Chin-Young Caston (@charichinyoungcaston), who recently shared a video on instagram where she tells viewers she’s breastfeeding without telling them she’s breastfeeding, and many parents can relate.

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the clip begins with a photo of Caston standing in front of a mirror wearing a black tank top. The words “my boobs are on a feeding schedule” flash across the screen as the clip cuts to a close-up of one of Caston’s breasts dripping milk through the fabric of her tank top.

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“I’ve been gone for a few hours,” Caston explains through typed text on the screen as breast milk seeps through her shirt.

“As soon as I saw my baby, milk drop has occurred,” reads the following text. Caston then gestures to her other breast, which has also started to leak before noting, “more [milk] came when she started crying.

The video ends with another close-up of breastmilk soaked through Caston’s shirt and dripping onto the floor.

Caston’s video success residence with many parents who identified with her breastfeeding experience.

“All. The. Time,” one viewer said.

“It’s worse when it’s not even your baby crying. I thought I was fine because child was not there. No. I wore nipple pads when I came out after that,” one parent shared.

“Yes, madam, absolutely! It was a great experience with my little girl,” said another mother.
Although leaks can be a frustrating side effect of breastfeedingCaston notes that she is grateful that her body is doing the work it needs to do to give her baby the nutrients he needs to grow and develop healthily.

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