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St. Louis Children’s Boutique Kangaroo Kids Offers Breastfeeding, Parenting, and Postpartum Support Groups | Business

When Sierra Cortazzo had her first baby boy in 2003, she fell in love with breastfeeding and motherhood, and found solace at Kangaroo Kids, a Glendale children’s boutique and breastfeeding support center.

“I participated in the lactation support group from [when her son was] 5 days and never looked back,” Cortazzo says.

Cortazzo and Kangaroo Kids founder Tanya Griffin quickly became friends, and in 2005 the former co-owner asked Cortazzo and her husband if they would be interested in taking over the store, when Cortazzo was 6 months pregnant. of the couple’s second son.

As a lover of all things resale and a former director of several other businesses – with a desire to manage her own – Cortazzo has found the perfect way to nurture her career aspirations and keep her family together while she worked at Kangaroo Kids.

“I found such a place of support and validation at Kangaroo Kids,” Cortazzo recalled. “I wanted to be that support for other moms…to give back what I got…to keep it going.”

So, in addition to running the store, Cortazzo became a certified lactation consultant through the Massachusetts Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice and the Center for Breastfeeding.

The Cortazzos have owned Kangaroo Kids for the past 16 years as their boys grew up in the store.

Photo by Eric Nemens

Thousands of mothers have sought support there as the full-service lactation support center offerings have expanded to bi-weekly lactation support groups, a weekly support group for all parents and support groups for postpartum depression and anxiety. Cortazzo fondly recalls helping mothers and babies connect through breastfeeding, noting that some mothers became lactation experts themselves, while others simply enjoyed the time spent at connect with other adults — knowing “they’re not alone,” she notes. “Supporting mum and meeting her where she is is vital for good outcomes for babies…and mums!”