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Tara Radniecki: Evaluating Lactation Quiet Rooms on a College Campus | Undergraduate Research


Evaluation of quiet lactation rooms on a university campus


Tara Radniecki


University libraries

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As an Engineering Librarian, I work with College of Engineering faculty and students to help them access and use the resources they need for teaching, learning, and research. I teach undergraduate and graduate students, offer in-person research consultation, and provide collection development support. As the Patent and Trademark Resource Center Librarian, I help users acquire the information they need regarding patents and trademarks through one-on-one consultations and workshops.

Project overview

The Women’s Committee has worked to increase the number of Breastfeeding Quiet Rooms, also known as LQRs, available both on and off campus for our University community. LQRs are private spaces for those who need a place to breastfeed, administer medication, engage in prayer, or other situations where comfort and privacy are needed for wellness purposes. This research project will use a mixed-methods approach to assess the functionality and satisfaction with these spaces in terms of whether or not they meet the needs of our university community. This research will help determine how the university can continue to build on existing services to create a welcoming and functional environment for our diverse community.

The incoming student will first familiarize himself with the subject by carrying out a literature review and by learning about the resources offered on campus. Then they will learn how to administer a survey and design an interview protocol. Finally, they will learn best practices for analyzing their data and writing about it.