Breastfeeding seminars

The Hub: supporters of the Breastfeeding Friendly project

Date published: October 05, 2022

The Hub, Sleaford encourages and supports parents and children in the district, through their support of the breastfeeding friendly project and a wide variety of family activities.

What inspired you to join the Breastfeeding Friendly project?

We think it’s important that everyone feels completely comfortable and welcome here at the Hub and that’s why we wanted to be part of the Breastfeeding Friend project. We know that sometimes mothers can feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in a public place, and we wanted to make it clear that we are a safe and welcoming space and that being part of the project helps us do just that.

Describe how your institution supports/encourages the Breastfeeding Friendly project?

We proudly display the sticker on our entrance and we also have changing tables available on the ground floor of our building. We can always do more to shout out that we are part of the project and we aim to do more to let people know we are a breastfeeding friendly place.

Why is it important for your site that you support the Breastfeeding-Friendly project?

It is essential that we support mothers and their right to feed their babies as they see fit. We have unfortunately seen stigma around breastfeeding in public spaces in the past and we hope that by showing our support people will feel comfortable, safe and supported here at the Hub.

Why do you think it’s important for businesses and places to openly welcome and encourage on-site breastfeeding?

It’s so important that mothers feel safe and respected wherever they go and the more places and businesses that support this, the truer it is. Hopefully it will get to the point that you don’t have to have to advertise to say that public spaces are breastfeeding friendly; it will be a given. But, for that to happen, we all need to show our support now.

What activities/initiatives does The Hub organize for parents and children?

We have plenty for parents and children. We have an activity center in our gallery, full of free craft and art activities, as well as a family activity zone, magnet wall and pea race in our cafe. Every school holiday we host a family workshop on Tuesdays and launch our Hub Dance Tinies sessions starting Tuesday 4th October, a fun hour of music, dance, storytelling and creativity. Other regular activities for parents and children include our homeschooling workshop groups for homeschooled children, creative dance classes and each season we offer a variety of other family friendly activities and to children.

In the future, how does your company further support parents?

Where possible, our staff are given the opportunity to work flexibly, allowing for a better work-life balance. As far as our visitors are concerned, we offer a range of workshops, activities and events aimed at children and families covering a wide range of crafts, design and dance. We are always looking to improve the service we provide and are open to suggestions for improvements we can make.

For more information on the family activities the Hub has to offer, visit: If you would like to display a breastfeeding friendly window sticker, please contact the team at [email protected] with your business details, including the address to arrange for the stickers to be sent.