Breastfeeding seminars

“The role of the media is crucial in raising awareness about breastfeeding”

The media can play the most crucial role in raising awareness about breastfeeding newborns within an hour of birth to improve disease resistance and reduce newborn deaths, reports the BSS.

The observation was made during a discussion held at the Civil Surgeon’s Conference Hall in the city of Rangpur on Thursday on the occasion of World Breastfeeding Week-2022.

The Bangladesh Breastfeeding Foundation (BBF) organized the event with the help of the Institute of Public Health and Nutrition for local journalists working in print, broadcast and online media.

Health officials from the Bureau of Civil Surgeons were present on the occasion.

The week is observed with the aim of raising awareness among ordinary people about the beneficial aspects of breastfeeding for the normal growth of babies in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and build a healthier nation.

BBF Divisional Rangpur Officer Shamima Akhter presented a keynote essay recounting the importance of breastfeeding and the successes already achieved across the country in increasing the rate of exclusive breastfeeding for babies under six months old .

She said: “Newborns exclusively need their first breast milk within an hour of birth because the first breast milk contains nutritious colostrum and antibodies which make them stronger, boost their immune system and their abilities. disease resistance.”

It placed particular importance on exclusive breastfeeding for six months and its continuation until the age of two for babies, as well as complementary foods, in order to prevent 13% of deaths of children from less than five years.

Taking part in the discussion, the president of Rangpur Press Club, Mahabub Rahman, called breast milk the best food for newborn babies.

“Media professionals can play a crucial role in raising awareness about breastfeeding. Newborns easily digest the same to ensure proper mental and physical development and optimal structure, with brain growth reducing the risk of disease,” he said.

In particular, he called on journalists to play their part in ensuring breastfeeding, as breast milk has extraordinary benefits in the first months of life for the survival and normal growth of babies.