Breastfeeding seminars

UnityPoint Health – Trinity Offers Free Online Breastfeeding Course

UnityPoint Health – Trinidad offers a new program to provide additional support to breastfeeding mothers and their partners beyond the newborn stage.

The free ‘Breastfeeding 2’ course, starting February 15, aims to help mothers breastfeed after leaving the hospital and returning home. Classes are virtual and can be taken from the comfort of home. The program focuses on pumping, maintaining milk supply and managing breastfeeding when returning to work, according to a statement released Tuesday by Trinity.

“Breastfeeding can be difficult for mothers, especially when they are struggling at home and need help. This course gives them an easy virtual option each month to listen, ask questions, and feel more in control of their breastfeeding journey. All families intending to breastfeed are welcome,” says Bethann Heidgerken, RN, lactation consultant at UnityPoint Health – Trinity.

“We talk to women in the postpartum period to advance their knowledge from the basics of breastfeeding to more complex ideas such as breast care issues, low milk supply and preparing to return to work,” says -she.

Register online for the free course held on the third Tuesday of the month. Registration limited to 15 and ends the Friday before the course. Heidgerken says, “Adequate support and education are key to facilitating successful breastfeeding and achieving our families’ breastfeeding goals. The more families are educated before the birth of their child, the more they are able to succeed. »

Classes begin February 15 and are the third Tuesday of the month. Classes are provided free of charge by UnityPoint Health – Trinity Birthing Center. Registration will be closed on the Friday before the course. You can register HERE.