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UTM installs first lactation module to help breastfeeding students – The Varsity

UTM recently installed its first lactation module on campus for breastfeeding. The lactation module will be available for daily use from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and is available to everyone, regardless of UTM membership.

Studies show that returning to work or school after maternity leave is often a barrier for people who are breastfeeding. Without access to many safe spaces, students must rely on their schools to provide spaces for breastfeeding.

Mitigate accessibility issues

In an email to the university, a UTM spokesperson wrote, “While UTM offers a number of identified locations for feeding and pumping, sometimes these areas (e.g. empty conference rooms or borrowed offices) are not sufficiently private for the needs of some users”.

In addition, concerns have been expressed regarding time constraints on breastfeeding spaces. “Some of the suggested locations were tied to nine to five office hours, and there was no organized way to know if a space was available,” the UTM spokesperson explained.

According to the spokesperson, lactation pods are important in maintaining “UTM’s commitment to providing an inclusive environment for all.”

Lactation pod designed by Mamava

UTM has installed the lactation pod on the first floor of the Communication Culture & Technology building.

As the UTM spokesperson explained, this specific location maximizes accessibility and convenience: “This building is reasonably central to the UTM campus and this specific location was chosen because it is close to the toilets, and there is enough space for the module so that there is no impact on the use of this area of ​​the building.

Mamavaa company that focuses on creating technologies to improve the accessibility of lactation spaces, designed the lactation module.

“The Mamava pod is comfortable, offers complete privacy, is wheelchair accessible and includes two benches, electrical outlets, mirror, lighting, shelves, Bluetooth SmartLock and charging station,” the holder wrote. word of the UTM.

“Access is free and controlled by the Mamava appavailable on App Store or Google Play, which means it is designed for stand-alone access,” they continued.

In addition, the use of the module does not require an appointment, access being determined on a first-come, first-served basis. The Mamava app also provides notifications when a pod becomes available.

It is possible that the UTM will install more lactation modules. “The need for additional modules will be determined based on the use of this module and feedback from the academic community,” the UTM spokesperson wrote.