Breastfeeding seminars

Villagers find workshop on food security and breastfeeding useful

More than 200 people residing in 90 villages in Kampong Thom province have found the workshop on food security and breastfeeding useful to them.

The workshop was led by the government, RACHA and relevant experts. It was funded by GIZ – as a multi-sectoral Food and Nutrition Security Project (MUSEFO) which focused on tackling malnutrition from July 2020 to March 2023.

Community trainer Choeurn Sophea said more than 200 women in the community learned about food security and breastfeeding.

“Nearly 100% of the women who learned with me breastfeed their children,” she said.

“It made them change their minds from not using formula milk, to using their vegetables around their houses and cooking them. They can make healthy food and porridge from them for their infants and family members family,” she added.

Kean Kou, a 35-year-old mother, said he came to attend the workshop to learn more about breastfeeding.

“This workshop changed my mind. First, I want to stop breastfeeding my son when he is three months old, but now I continue to breastfeed him until he is two years old. I want him to be smart and healthy,” she said.

Lam Phaout, the 24-year-old mother of a six-month-old baby girl, said she learned a lot from the workshop.

“They taught me how to use and pick vegetables from my garden to cook good food. Before, I thought green vegetables were unnecessary, but now I find them very useful,” she said.