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Woman Backed For Confronting ‘Sexist’ Step-Brother In Breastfeeding Drama

The internet supported a woman who said in a post that went viral that she recently confronted her “insufferable” brother-in-law over a comment he made about her breastfeeding.

Posting on Reddit’s popular “Am I The A**hole forum” (AITA) under the username u/Large_Situation6641, the woman added that the confrontation happened at a “little party” for their father-in-law’s birthday.

The story received over 12,000 upvotes and over 970 comments from Redditors who said u/Large_Situation6641 was right to call his family member “sexist”, despite his mother-in-law saying otherwise. .

In her message, the woman explained that the family was gathered outside, eating cake, when suddenly her baby was hungry.

The internet has backed a woman who said in a now-viral post that she recently confronted her “insufferable” brother-in-law over a comment he made about her breastfeeding. According to a 2019 YouGov poll, 46% of respondents said they were “very comfortable” with breastfeeding women next to them in public.
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“I had already asked my mom and stepdad if I could breastfeed her anywhere I wanted…or if they’d rather I do it indoors,” she wrote.

“They both said I could do it wherever I wanted,” she continued. “[So] when [the baby] cried, I just skipped a boob and nursed her right there.”

Much to her brother-in-law’s chagrin, the woman’s nephews noticed she was breastfeeding and drew attention to it, prompting her brother-in-law to ask her in. Of course, she said no and went ahead with the process, further upsetting her brother-in-law.

“It was [sitting] near me and he just had a little [closer] and whispered, ‘I swear… If you were my wife you would [have to] breastfeed indoors,” she recalls.

“I just smiled and said out loud, ‘If I’m going to breastfeed inside, then you have to go and be unbearable somewhere else, honey.'”

At that, his brother-in-law dropped the subject. However, as she was leaving, her mother-in-law said that she had been wrong to make that comment.

quite interesting, a 2019 YouGov poll revealed that many Americans are comfortable with breastfeeding women next to them in public.

“The majority say it is somewhat or completely acceptable for mothers to breastfeed in a public restroom (80%), on an airplane (75%), on a sidewalk bench in a park (70%), in public transport (65%), in a store (62%), in a restaurant (61%) and during a religious service (56%),” YouGov said.

Additionally, 46% of respondents said they were “very comfortable” with breastfeeding women next to them in public, while 22% said they were “somewhat comfortable” ” with that.

Commenters baffled by the brother-in-law’s comment from u/Large_Situation6641 said she was right to call it out, arguing there was nothing “offensive” about breastfeeding.

“NTA [not the a**hole]. WTF is wrong with this man?” u/Pretty_Pen4851 asked. to be a parent, he must be a bad parent.”

“‘If you were my wife’…like women were just property. To hell with that guy,” u/Nishiwara said. “Also people are so weird about breastfeeding, why? I hate that instead of teaching young people what breastfeeding is, the breast is meant to be sexualized.”

A Redditor posting under a disposable account added, “Clearly this guy is sexist and has issues with women. He could have used it to teach his kids about breastfeeding and that’s okay. Instead of this, they will now grow up and laugh at the women who feed their children, just like their father.”

Newsweek has contacted Large_Situation6641 for comment.

In related news, Redditors supported a woman in December who said she interrupted another couple’s dinner to defend a breastfeeding mother. Commenters also showed their support for a woman who in October said she gave her sister-in-law formula milk because she was struggling to breastfeed.

And in 2019, a Texas mother nursing her 10-month-old child in a public swimming pool was asked by a lifeguard to leave.